Jun. 24th, 2009

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Our beloved Brynna kitty died at 18.5 years old. She had failing kidneys and heart problems. She passed away at the vet's office. They took her in the back to get blood and urine for testing, and she arrested. They did all they could for her but she was just.. gone. Just like that. It hurt, and felt weird. For the first time in my entire life I didn't have a pet -anywhere-. Even when I was living on my own for a few years, my parents always had a pet that had belonged to me, too.

I started the process for adopting a dog the day she died. Well, started researching it, then putting in applications to rescue organizations. We'd decided when Brynna's health had started to decline that we were going to get a dog after she died, and I needed to be doing something that was looking -forward-.

On May 30th we got Socks. She is a black lab/Australian shepherd mix. She used to live in Mississippi and her previous owner had been an elderly woman who had to give her up because she moved into assisted living or something like that, and couldn't keep her. She's eleven months old, and very beautiful. I love her to bits. She's affectionate and friendly, and clever.

Of course we made loads of first time "puppy" owner mistakes, but we're learning. We're taking obedience training and that's paying off. It's harder having her around, and I'm always having to think ahead about her situation, but it's worth it. She brings much laughter to our lives.

It's been a very stressful time for Frank because of a MAJOR work project, so it wasn't, perhaps, exactly the best time to bring in a new family member, but we're all doing well enough. I made liver treats for her yesterday, and she loves them. I enjoyed making them, as well.

We're taking her to Maine in August, and I'm looking forward to her getting to romp in the ocean. She -loves- the water. :)

I hope people are surviving with this recession. *hugs to everyone out there still*


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