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My husband and I are in the very beginning stages of considering the option of mini gastric bypass as a way to reverse our diabetes. I'm trying to get my head around this stuff, so I'm posting some of my initial thoughts here. I'll likely be editing and adding to them over time as I find out more.

MGB Pros

  • Reversal of diabetes

  • Avoidance of further diabetes complications (like high blood pressure, certain eye problems, etc.)

  • Be more active and outdoorsy (camping, hiking, walking the land, biking near our house, etc.)

  • Less wear and tear on the furniture

  • Be able to sleep in smaller beds in hotels with Frank

  • Fit comfortably in airplane seats

  • Less expensive clothes I can actually try on before buying

  • More energy overall

  • Fewer aches and pains

  • Perhaps a reduction in some mood swings brought about by pain/aches

  • Sex would probably be better, more flexibility, more variety of positions

  • More stamina overall

  • Feeling better about the foods I'm eating instead of feeling like I'm cheating myself in one way in order to satisfy myself in another

MGB Cons

  • Insurance may not pay for it/have to fight with insurance to get it/might have to pay for it myself (that's a show stopper, I think)

  • I've always thought of WLS as "mutilation" for the sake of fashion (Was it mutilation to get my gall bladder out? Is this really mutilation if it reverses my diabetes?)

  • What if a better, less invasive diabetes treatment that works comes along? (is it truly reversible even ten years later?)

  • My breasts will get smaller, but would they get unpleasantly smaller? Would I start looking out of proportion?

  • Not being able to tolerate foods that I really enjoy a lot

MGB Questions

  • Are there people with Type II who still have it after the procedure?

  • What percentage of people who have MGB becomes lactose intolerant?

  • What about that acid pooling thing mentioned by Holly's nurse friend?

  • What are the long-term health impacts of MGB?

  • Why would MGB be better than RNY in the long term? Have any studies been done about this?

  • Is it truly reversible even ten years later?

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